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Granada Center Advertising

Why Mall Advertising?  |  KSA Overview  |  World Overview


Why Mall Advertising?

The Mall Phenomenon

The mall is an American social phenomenon. In most communities, it is by far the single most visited public place, drawing a total of over 3 visitors annually Million.


Beyond their retail purpose, shopping malls have become community centers for social and recreational activities, attracting people throughout the entire spectrum of the population.  The numbers are staggering: 187 million adults - representing 94% of the adult population in the KSA - visit a shopping center every month, spending an average of $99.90 per visit. Teenagers go to the malls 26% more often than other shoppers, about 47 times a year.

The Best Malls

Our Granada Center portfolio offers 26 of the highest quality shopping malls in 18 top DMAs, as well as other key mid-size markets.  Each mall in the portfolio has been screened to deliver:

  • excellent household demographics
  • large volume of shoppers
  • highest quality tenants
  • outstanding sales per square foot
  • 800,000 sq.ft+ in size

The Best Locations

has worked in partnership with the malls to position a large number of advertising structures at key locations throughout the common areas inside the malls.  As many as 65 structures, each six-foot high backlit displays, are installed in each of the larger malls, providing 80 to 120 advertising faces. These faces are distributed into equal networks, each providing a strong presence in every area of the mall.  They are by entrances and escalators, in food courts, near anchor stores, and strategically positioned for prime viewing as shoppers move from store to store. 


Granada Center advertising makes sure that your products or services stand out when shoppers are evaluating their purchases.  And for maximum impact - such as when launching a new product or special promotion - several networks can be added together, ensuring the total domination and efficiency of your message.


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The Perfect Timing

Granada Center gives advertisers the perfect opportunity to "catch shoppers when they have their credit cards in their hands." Granada Center also allows retailers and retail products to reach out to this mass audience in the common areas and drive them to their stores from all points of the mall. 


Granada Center also allows you to connect with potential clients beyond the point of purchase—delivering for marketers who are not linked to mall sales.  Today, most Americans are in a time crunch so they group their activities together and a trip to the mall is often followed by a stop at the grocery store or by running other errands.  80% responded that Granada Center is likely to remind them about products they "are familiar with and might buy either while in the mall or later."


The Audience

Malls are the most daily visited destinations in your community - The average Mall has over 1 million monthly visitors and provides a captive audience ranging from:

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  KSA Overview

In 1998 Granada Center implemented the first KSA mall advertising program reaching 100% of all the shoppers in the common areas. Traditional mall advertising offered limited inventory of 4-10 ad panels per mall usually on the back of directories. 


For the first time, Granada Center introduced high density networks of as many as 150 backlit panels per mall allowing advertisers to intercept shoppers and register their messages with impact (high reach and frequency in the controlled retail environment).  


Further more Granada Center introduced a carefully coordinated design of its Granada Center structures to create a gallery effect for the advertisers providing a highly visible showcase for the advertisers’ message.  


Granada Center offers a national network of 26 sought-after shopping malls across 12 states.



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World Overview

Saudi arabia is part of an international media and communications company, Out-of-Home Media Group, founded in 1964. is the world leader in out-of-home media with advertising panels across more than 60 countries that reach over 345 million people worldwide every day. It is Europe's largest billboard owner and the world's largest owner of street furniture.


's worldwide mall division handles contracts in 1,906 shopping centers worldwide.


The Number of malls by country include:


* Includes supermarkets

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