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The Top 5 Malls in Riyadh

Friday, December 11, 2015

For the first entry in this section, we write about something dear to our hearts (lol). Since we’re still high from shopping, why not write an entry that involves our favorite past time?One of Riyadh’s allure to women is its being a major shopping destination, especially during the sale season. The mall is the main destination of women who are seeking respite and therapy from all the day’s work (or non-work). The mall is the oasis, the first refreshing frontier in the ongoing life of Filipinas in Saudi Arabia. It’s wide, air-conditioned, and the displays are endless and dazzling! Filipino men can settle for Batha but we women can hold our fort in Riyadh’s huge malls. The Pink Tarha lists down our five go-to malls in the city with their matching pros and cons.

Surprisingly, even if Granada Center is far from the city center, we are placing it in second because of a somewhat unique reason. Granada Center is probably the most men-friendly mall because most of the brands here carry their line for men. Like Topshop and H&M. So it’s a pro for our fathers, husbands, and brothers. Pro for us too because they become more willing to drive us around. We also consider its distance a breather from the grinding, busy city life. It also proves to be an advantage because we still find our sizes here, especially during the sale season. Granada Center is like a walk in the park. It’s spacious but not too huge to enjoy a stroll. It also has the must-go-to stores in our list like H&M, River Island, and Debenhams. Also, we don’t encounter the muttawas here as much compared to other malls (not that we’re hiding from them).